Friday, August 24, 2012

It doesn't get easier, you just get better.

Next Monday, school begins. I keep running though my mind...BUT, I think I really did it! I'm done with everything & I can relax the entire weekend before school.

This is a first for me, and it's a great accomplishment to feel so calm so early.

I put this quote up in my classroom:
Now, yes...I have thought about this quote during workouts, etc., but seriously, this quote seems to apply to everything in my life right now.

It's getting easier.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Return to 'Tube!

So, I've decided to come back to Youtube. I realize I love it. I'm getting somewhere after puttering around in the dark (early 20s), and hey! I know what I like. I like this.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

So Inspired: Gatsby

Have you seen the sensational trailer for this December's "Great Gatsby"? I keep thinking of it as it intertwines my streams of daydreams from time to time.

So gorgeous. I am contemplating trimming my hair just a step below the ears again so I can be my own Daisy Buchanan (in my world, o'course!)

I could pore over images from this novel/film for hours:

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Oh my god, I love the Olympics. The global awesomeness. The tear-jerking stories left & right. I've been watching everyday now.

While watching the opening ceremony, which lasted hours upon hours, I kept hemming & hawing about cutting my hair. I have been so over it & I hadn't cut my hair in 3 years and 2 months.

So I just did it. And it looks like this:
 So gold medal:
 And here are two other things I picked up this weekend that I'm really loving. Here's a dress I picked up from Buffalo Exchange (re-sale store), and it is totally something team Greece could wear! $10. New with tags. Such and awesome print that looks like some funky DNA.
 A while back, I had picked up some work pants at Target, and then, on the last day of school, I got white acrylic paint on them when I was mixing a light blue to cover up some graffiti that was pissing me off. The pants were no longer in the store, except for size 0 & 14 (the usual) and I was bummed, but found out they had restocked them. The blue was already sold out, but I got the grey instead (and found out that there are a few more colors--including blue--online!)

Great for short people with a booty! I would totally contemplate throwing out all of my pants and just have these in 4 colors. Set for life!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


As the sun sets on this Sunday night, a little bit of anxiety creeps into me (although it's summer)...but after reflecting a lot on this lazy Sunday, I realize I've come so far in a year.

It has also become increasingly apparent to me that every aspect in life is so interconnected. Patience with myself, inspiration, family, spirituality/beliefs, food, the outdoors, fitness...are all related. You can't be good at anything until you realize that your approach to life explains everything.

Example/Illustration: For the past week, I've been cooking all of my meals from scratch at home. It has been a lot of work. I never had the determination to do this before. Cooking and enjoying the process has taught me to be patient with myself in other areas (yes, someone DID write a book on this phenomenon already).

So, as promised, here is a quick snapshot of the project I've been working on. Until I get paid next (July 31st...ugh!), I am keeping low-budg. I've decided upon a trifecta of towels that I will bestow to lil' bro upon his sophomore year of college in his new apartment.
Snapshot of 1/3
This style of embroidery (on flour sack towels) has been a major family tradition on both sides of my know, those day-of-the-week ones that personified daily tasks? I'm just updating.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Towels for Bro

Here are some photos of my brother, Karl, and me. These were taken at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Not by the photographer, though (he's in the button up in the back), but by my friend Elizabeth, who is a better photographer than him ( for the record).

Karl is almost 8 years younger than me, and growing up, we never really had much in common (like, I graduated when he was 10). It isn't until recently (within the last year) that we have become closer. He calls me for advice fairly frequently, which is a huge compliment, right? I feel very honored to have this connection with him.

I've continued embroidering...until I get paid next (malheuresement, it's just once a month), and I've decided to make him some sweet Lucha Libre dish towels. Every guy's gotta do dishes. I think.

I'll show you the towels in the next post :)

A la chingada,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back in Austin & Viva las Plushies!

Back in Austin & so over Vegas. However, I learned a lot of things for work...and that's all I will say.

I'm really getting motivated to start creating something amazing. I'm a little fragmented, though.

Do I want to start with:
1. "Fine" Art (drawing, painting, tableaux, etc.)...I have a grand goal of showing again.
2. Handheld Love: plushies, embroidery, etc.
3. Clothing/fashion

Here are some of my current inspirations:

Cute dolls for pins, hair accessories, etc.

Babushka, baby!
Friendly Fun things...
Fox Family Plushies
And these AMAZING caftans that I have had in my head all summer....
Beautifully Simple Caftan...awesome fabric
Awesome caftan with baby bonus...
Mildly Goth Caftan

Hmmm...maybe just all of them!