Sunday, July 29, 2012


Oh my god, I love the Olympics. The global awesomeness. The tear-jerking stories left & right. I've been watching everyday now.

While watching the opening ceremony, which lasted hours upon hours, I kept hemming & hawing about cutting my hair. I have been so over it & I hadn't cut my hair in 3 years and 2 months.

So I just did it. And it looks like this:
 So gold medal:
 And here are two other things I picked up this weekend that I'm really loving. Here's a dress I picked up from Buffalo Exchange (re-sale store), and it is totally something team Greece could wear! $10. New with tags. Such and awesome print that looks like some funky DNA.
 A while back, I had picked up some work pants at Target, and then, on the last day of school, I got white acrylic paint on them when I was mixing a light blue to cover up some graffiti that was pissing me off. The pants were no longer in the store, except for size 0 & 14 (the usual) and I was bummed, but found out they had restocked them. The blue was already sold out, but I got the grey instead (and found out that there are a few more colors--including blue--online!)

Great for short people with a booty! I would totally contemplate throwing out all of my pants and just have these in 4 colors. Set for life!