Sunday, July 22, 2012


As the sun sets on this Sunday night, a little bit of anxiety creeps into me (although it's summer)...but after reflecting a lot on this lazy Sunday, I realize I've come so far in a year.

It has also become increasingly apparent to me that every aspect in life is so interconnected. Patience with myself, inspiration, family, spirituality/beliefs, food, the outdoors, fitness...are all related. You can't be good at anything until you realize that your approach to life explains everything.

Example/Illustration: For the past week, I've been cooking all of my meals from scratch at home. It has been a lot of work. I never had the determination to do this before. Cooking and enjoying the process has taught me to be patient with myself in other areas (yes, someone DID write a book on this phenomenon already).

So, as promised, here is a quick snapshot of the project I've been working on. Until I get paid next (July 31st...ugh!), I am keeping low-budg. I've decided upon a trifecta of towels that I will bestow to lil' bro upon his sophomore year of college in his new apartment.
Snapshot of 1/3
This style of embroidery (on flour sack towels) has been a major family tradition on both sides of my know, those day-of-the-week ones that personified daily tasks? I'm just updating.