Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Towels for Bro

Here are some photos of my brother, Karl, and me. These were taken at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Not by the photographer, though (he's in the button up in the back), but by my friend Elizabeth, who is a better photographer than him ( for the record).

Karl is almost 8 years younger than me, and growing up, we never really had much in common (like, I graduated when he was 10). It isn't until recently (within the last year) that we have become closer. He calls me for advice fairly frequently, which is a huge compliment, right? I feel very honored to have this connection with him.

I've continued embroidering...until I get paid next (malheuresement, it's just once a month), and I've decided to make him some sweet Lucha Libre dish towels. Every guy's gotta do dishes. I think.

I'll show you the towels in the next post :)

A la chingada,