Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back in Austin & Viva las Plushies!

Back in Austin & so over Vegas. However, I learned a lot of things for work...and that's all I will say.

I'm really getting motivated to start creating something amazing. I'm a little fragmented, though.

Do I want to start with:
1. "Fine" Art (drawing, painting, tableaux, etc.)...I have a grand goal of showing again.
2. Handheld Love: plushies, embroidery, etc.
3. Clothing/fashion

Here are some of my current inspirations:

Cute dolls for pins, hair accessories, etc.

Babushka, baby!
Friendly Fun things...
Fox Family Plushies
And these AMAZING caftans that I have had in my head all summer....
Beautifully Simple Caftan...awesome fabric
Awesome caftan with baby bonus...
Mildly Goth Caftan

Hmmm...maybe just all of them!