Monday, July 9, 2012

Viva Las Vegas?

I landed in Las Vegas this afternoon, and after only a few hours here, I feel so dumbfounded by the indulgence and excessive everything-ness. Not sure if it was the flight & being over-stimulated, but I was happy to come back and gain composure in my room for the night. Our room is the most decadent accomodation I've seen (except for in the movies...but this is like in the movies...he-hyuk!)

I was hoping that maybe Las Vegas woulda been like this! Ya know, Elvis & Ann Margaret! Bouffant babes in button-up swimwear!
After my recent (read: two days ago) visit to Minnesota, where so much was focused on the inner/heart/loving experience, this seems like the exact opposite. My goal here is to (duh) learn a lot for my classroom, but to also practice maintaining inner calm and balance in a place that (upon first glance), seems extreme.
This is seriously inside. Gondolas @ the Venetian.

Our room!
I'm excited for tomorrow. Anything fun to do in Vegas that I should try? :D