Friday, April 8, 2011

Seen & heard...

  • Here are some too cute/hilarious quotes from my ELL kids this week:

  • J: "I'm gonna kick your A-C-C [to classmate]"

  • Me: I think you mean "S", not "C".

  • H: [inappropriately] "UGH, those aren't her real boobs; in real life they're all swaggy"

  • Me: Not appropriate. Warning and then you're out! (SWEEEET) Me: [talking about a sweet pioneer story] "Can anyone explain what a 'shack' is?"

  • M: "Yeah, it's like that big baskeball player, right? Shaquille O'Neal?"

  • Me: No, they did not live inside a big basketball player...



Mel said...

Haha those are awesome.

Especially the swaggy boobs.

merveilleuse said...

HAHAHAHA I thought by "H" you meant a different "H". I obviously wasn't paying attention but HAHAHAHAHA