Monday, January 16, 2012

This weekend:

So this was pretty sweet...I'm making my "resolution" of doing new things, plus just maxing out life.

1. 2 movies (H chose Rockumentary, I chose "Take Me Home Tonight")
2. Cooking handmade cole slaw, hummus, apple crisp, and chocolate chip cookies!
3. Watching a UFC fight (not my choice...but being supportive!)
4. 2-hour ballet workout at Ballet Austin.
5. Shopping for buttoniere materials and floral stuffies at Michael's! (heaven!)
6. Acupuncture. Oh boy...totally loved it.

Yet, now, still feelin' pretty unaligned on a Sunday night, my night of annoyance tizzy fests.

I wanna work on this gratitude journal and finding space this week...enjoying life.

How's that for unmarketable honesty?