Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brambles & Rambles

Real Post...

Today is another hot mess Sunday...maybe it is, maybe it isn't. At the moment, I'm having my sweet Sunday anxiety. Gotta love it! Srsly putting stress management as top life priority after having a tender heart-to-heart with fiance this morning.

We listed all the things that stress me out, and all the things that de-stress.

My stressors:
1. Being short on money (luckily, this hasn't been an issue for about a year!)
3. work; specifically unpredictability & 2nd period in general.
4. Driving. Traffic.
5. Gaining weight.
6. Any sounds that penetrate our walls from our neighbors' apartment. Any. noise.
7. Feeling like I'm wasting my free time.

My de-stressors:
1. Massages from someone special.
2. Working out. Especially afterward.
3. Yoga.
4. Meditating (duh and duh)
5. Art of any kind.
6. Talking with friends; going for tea...even Skype
7. Napz.

Even if you were a pig or a dim-witted dog, you could have inferred that I have a bizzay week ahead (again). Here's what's on the horizon:

1. Scouting wedding location tomorrow night.
2. TAKS testing (state tests).
3. Taking my elementary certification test on Saturday.
4. Houseguest arriving Friday.
5. Ugh, I am such a pussy!

be back soon! :) Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!


Missy said...

I know it's hard when life gets busy, but I totally agree that working out is an amazing de-stressor! Hope this week is great for you!