Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sneak peek & I wish I could find...

I wish I could find my name badge for work...probably in my closet. I wish I could find my keys...I lost them a month ago. My house is tidy, so this is a conundrum (I have a replacement set). I wish I could find my star charm necklace (I'd even foolishly bought a spare). Where is this stuff all going?

On another note, I wish I could find the time to blog, vlog, play with a frog...pick out pretty outfits, organize my makeup drawer, ensure that my toes & nails were perfectly polished...but it looks like these fun, shallow things will have to wait until summer, perhaps?

Inspired from my last post, H & I did a photo shoot on Sunday night (I HAD to find the time to do something creative, lest kill myself...no busy schedule will take that from me!) Here is a preview shot. I'm still trying to edit these, but maybe you've noticed I can't spend all day doing that...haha.


I like this one, although it's blurry...

Have a good TUESDAY!


merveilleuse said...

I looooove glitter! And it suits you so perfectly :)