Friday, March 4, 2011

Dishing, etc.

Finally an update! So here is the big 3 that's been changing in my life:
1. Leaving my school, finding a new one. I'm getting certified in art & elementary (general). I think these are good moves! I am embracing the future!
2. I have been changing my diet to be as full as whole foods and as low on grains & carbohydrates as possible. Seemingly insignificant, this has a huge impact on my well-being & outlook on my circumstances (more on that later...)
3. I am putting stress-management on the table as a priority (see #1). I need to seek peace and be better to myself.


I have done some soul-seeking & I really do think I am meant to be a teacher. I just need to find a happy place between all parts of me, know that I've finally familiarized them to myself at age 26! Oh yay!


merveilleuse said...

You'll do wonderfully! And you've already done wonderfully! And guess what, you're doing wonderfully right now. XO

P.S. Always love your handwriting.

Missy said...

Exciting - big changes! Can't wait to see where the road leads you... Blessings!!