Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My mini-hiatus is not due to any huge tragedy, for those who have been hinting. Quite the opposite, in fact!

The past 7 days may have served as a breakthrough for me!

(Here is the timeline/equation leading up to this)

1. First of all, after dousing myself in some terrific literature (Everyday Calm, A New Earth, The Shift, etc. during the past month, I have been drawing (and/or "attracting", if you will) peaceful happenings: one choice which caused me to ditch the ant farm-like HEB stress mill and opt for a local health food store Natural Grocers.

2. Educating myself about what "organic" really means, I watched a few documentaries (Food Matters, Food, Inc.) & changed my LIFE!

3. Last week, in addition to my peace/meditation/etc. I went to a food seminar about maintaining blood sugar & met with a nutritionist who told me to cut out all carbs (or as little as possible) and focus on healthy fats, protein, and veggies.

4. This week, I've been so much more balanced, mentally strong, and chill. I have no cravings. I think I might have been transformed. Really. And guess what? It's actually easy to dump sugar. I never thought it would be a reality for a sweet tooth (fang).

5. I did this new "diet" to be respectful of food & food sources ...and to not get ravaging starving multiple times per day. I have not lost any weight, and supposedly it's supposed to "fall off" (whatever), but the total irrelevancy of cravings is totally worth it. Onward!

Typical Breakfast (as recommended):
2 scrambled cage-free eggs
3-5 torn up spinach leaves
spoonful of organic neufchatel cheese

nutrient-dense, proteins, no carb...oh, and full, too

Oh, and I too H zip lining for his birthday 1 week early:

"what a glorious day for a zip!"

Are you on any particular diet & do you think it's "working"?


Missy said...

I hear over and over that the type of diet the nutritionist suggested is the best for balanced living and reduced cravings. How are you feeling on it so far?? Can't wait to hear more typical meals and steal ideas from you ;o)

Chelsea Lane said...

love hearing your new food choices! these are really cute photos :) sounds like a fun time!