Monday, February 7, 2011

A post-work de-brief...

I'm going to tell you directly about my professional life, while leaving troublemaking details aside.

1. Picked up a co-worker sans car at 6:45am at my local Starbucks; grabbed a soy latte for a change (change from never getting coffee ever).

2. Had a perfectly professional first 4 periods of reading.


3. I now have a T.A. for English. Thanks! I seriously had the best 5/6 period I've ever had! Plz make this a trend. PLZ PLZ PLZ! How was I blessed with this? Oh wait. Thanks!

4. Spent my off periods interviewing children for the yearbook....'twas fun.

5. Wrapped up and came home feeling excellent!

7. Got home to lovey/needy cat, got my first Auto Finance bill (BOO) & this bogus note from our new property management company that said:

"Hello, I have left messages and text messages. I am walking the property tomorrow at 11am. I had planned to give you more notice, but due to the weather turning bad on Wednesday, was not able to."

PHONES DON'T WORK WHEN IT'S COLD?! Biggest load du jour! Hahahaha!


merveilleuse said...

What the flack! That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard.