Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I've been really lax on the blogging, and I've been in Teacherville for the last month. Teacherville is a great place to be, but it is honestly my main focus right now.

The first 6 weeks are crucial for me to set the pace for everything and the level of rigor and expectations...

I think I have a great start going for me so far, because I have really tightened my discipline ship. You kinda have to when you transfer from High School to Middle School.

I have been in an exceptional mood at school, and I feel like I've been my peppy self. I think this is what my "element" is...and I'm getting paid for this? OK, if you say so...haha.

I have some beautiful boys (mostly) and a few gorgeous girls. I like having mostly boys...it is very energetic and I feed on energy. That being said, I have never used my "OUTDOOR VOICE" so much.

My side focus is definitely my sleep. I have been forcing myself to be in bed by 9:45, which is ridiculous, and I haven't gone to bed that early since I was in 8th grade myself! Hahah. I like to get up at 5:30 to be at school by 7 for a no-rush lifestyle. That means I'm done at 1:22 because my off periods are at the end of the day!

More updates soon :)

Love, Me


Missy said...

Your back! I missed you...I kept looking for your update on my reader and it was never highlighted...until today. WOW - I sound like a creepy stalker... sorry!

I can't believe you're doing middle school - and you love it. That's such a challenging age. Good luck this year! I'm sure you'll do smashingly!

Mel said...

Miss Aberdeen, from what I've heard I think you're doing great and I'm just glad I get to steal some of your time! :)