Monday, September 20, 2010


This morning, I asked H if he could get me some anxiety medication the next time he is in Mexico.

I was only halfway joking.

It seems that I have been a nervous Nelly (again) about school. If you're a longtime follower, you will know that this is a recurring trend, unfortunately, in my professional life.

This is my first year at this school, so it makes sense. I know it is all in my head. And I know I could just say "stop caring", but I can't.

I am looking for some inspiration in my life.

I know I have the right job, so I will make a list for myself for some reassurance.

1. I am more empathetic than anyone else.
2. I care about my plans, which shows I care about my students.
3. I am giving and kind to students and faculty.
4. I give people my 100% attention when I am communicating with them.
5. I am willing to learn, and OK with change.

Ah, yes. I do feel slightly better. Now on to some copies!!


Missy said...

Oy. Hope the anxiety lessens as the school year progresses. I am sure you are an awesome teacher and your students are lucky to be able to learn from you. Feel confident!