Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday & the return of "the weekend"

Since I've been in Austin, I've never really had a weekend. I either wasn't working at all (meaning everyday was a Saturday), or working Fri-Sun as bread 'n butter. Now that I've been working regular-peeps' hours, I had my first weekend! And, thus, I have the Sunday-night dreads again...oh well!

I already wrote yesterday, but this is what we did today (remember I have l'internet encore?).

Woke up and went to the HOPE farmer's market. I'm not much one for buying, say, arugula, but we did pick up some ginger cookies & focaccia bread from my friend Will at Texas French bread!
Although minutes from downtown, this Sanford & Sons-type scene housed the market.
I sat in an astroturf wonderland!
H still hated is profile.

We later picked up some school supplies for our little college student and played tennis + jogged.

Now, the Vikings game is on. I sorta care. For Minnesota's sake.

I'm about to make a greed list. Things I want to buy when I get the $. I will share tomorrow!