Monday, January 4, 2010

Back Here

I'm back in my casita and I'm superdrained. Earlier today, after work, I was just exhausted and crabby & I hate it!

I want boundless energy & a sunny disposition and today I simple did not have it!

I was feeling all of my re-energized & ambitious New Years thingies....but today I just felt a little haunted. I know better than to let myself be like this, but today I couldn't help it.

I miss having my own classroom. I miss academia and intellectual challenges. I miss having a comfortable income.

Wah wah wah.

I am ready to go out there & make it happen this year. I want to take you with me! I mean, you know everything already!

On the fitness front, I was supersick over vacation, but didn't overeat at all and I lost 1.5 pounds. How annoyed was I to find that I gained 5 pounds overnight last night? Impossible. I ate light and we went ice skating. Still. Freaking annoying, but I'm hanging in there!


Anonymous said...

What you need is a nice warm bath and some comfy pjs. Light some of those great candles of yours and take time out for yourself to figure out what you want. You can always start resolutions tomorrow. Jan 1st is arbitrary! : ) I'm starting fresh too! This is going to be our year!


Aberdeen said...

Awww Char! You made my day! I really needed to hear that :) I will do that eye video soon...possibly tomorrow!