Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are you my "type"?

I sneakily admire many of my co-workers. They possess interesting hobbies, experiences, and cute little quirks!

They probably have no idea that I notice the things that I do, but I am fascinated by the study of people (anthropology, no? Hehe).

One of the women I work with is incredibly beautiful, but she doesn't really know it (or at least it doesn't seem that way). She is calm, hard-working, and never speaks negatively about ANYTHING. She is also insanely fit, and has the cutest bod ever!

I noted the other day that she had mention this "Eat right for your type" diet, to which she had attributed her physique of dreams.

I have been meaning to look it up, and I finally did.

The type refers not to your body type (apple, pear, esoteric, whatever), but to your blood type.

Anyway, I'm sorta intrigued. However, I saw that my blood type--B--does not respond well to corn, wheat or chicken. These just happen to be 3 of my core foods...

Besides dairy. I can go wild on dairy, which I already do.

Has anyone heard whether there is any legitimacy to this?