Saturday, October 10, 2009


I feel very accomplished to have ended this 40+ hour week in high spirits, despite the fact that I hate my neighbors with all 64" of me.

I'm rolling on 3 hours of sleep last night, thanks to beer pong? Really? All night?

Suggestions on how to curb party-hearty neighbors welcome.

While still waiting for the apartment to be "ours", H and I have been going to Ikea for ideas.

I really want this bed frame. Before, in my old apartment, I somehow managed to make my mattress look chic on the carpeted floor, but I am so beyond that now.

It was marked down to $90 this season! Don't I look delightful atop this airy dream?

Also, we toyed with using this clearance rugs for Sesame Street Halloween costumes....



Katherine said...

PERFECT for "Sesame Street" costumes. I love IKEA trips.

Brooklyn is ridiculous. I moved here for relationship-based reasons. Still my decision (a joint decision, really) and everything, but it's like I forgot how hard it was to move the first time. It's hard to start over. AGAIN.

TWINS FOR REAL. I can relate to so much on this blog, it's scary.