Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last night, my friend Anna & a new friend, Cat, were discussing how running outside beats out treadmills, hands down.

Today, I opted out of gym time and hit the road instead, and it really lifted my spirits, which has never happened at the gym. I usually just want to beat myself to a pulp at the gym, because everyone else is.

Today, on my run, I saw:

1. Some very strange, tropical, space blooms in purple.
2. a lone cactus, which seemed out of place.
3. 2 plastic flamingos--one across the street from the other. Was this planned?
4. A cat napping on a quaint bench, between two palm trees. (Miss having a cat!)

And now, a quick list of things that I am proud of, because I haven't really had the time to recognize all of the things that have gone really WELL!

1. Went running today, and have been working out regularly since being here.
2. Have some jobs I really love (the DUH one I've been talking about for ages).
3. Cooking food at home a lot.
4. Not watching very much TV--going out more than I did in the past...for many reasons...
5. Having "regular" spots in Austin, proving that I had the balls to go out.

Pic of me from a year ago/vs. now.



More or less the same person. Better style, or more outgoing anyway. Better quality of life. More friends. Better weather/scenery. New options. Living w/love of life. :)