Monday, September 28, 2009

1 year blogoversary!

I've had my blog for a year now. Wow! I'm adding this to the never-thought-I'd-stick-with-it list, along with running and living in Texas.

I had some fun reflection going back. No matter the turmoil that's brought me here, I have to say, there's no doubt I'm better off! And that's the thing about getting older. I hope I never say, "Oh rats, things are worse now".

The thing about "foresight" is that it's a gift distributed over time, and things like blogs help one realize this! Thanks, blog!

Also, I've noticed that I've had more readers, too, so thank YOU!

I found this cake pic with a Google Search of "1 year anniversary". Seems a little existential for a store-bought cake on a practical oak table, but cool.

Remember everything.