Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A l'aeroport

I'm sitting in the Austin airport, which is, by the way, the simplest and most stress-free airport. Outside of the nasty backwoods souvenirs that symbolize my city, It's quite chic.

I'm wearing my new favorite giraffe necklace, since I finally glued his front legs back on.


Few observations:

1. I always feel privileged to fly, although it is a pain in the backside. I always feel like I'm gonna get in trouble or something.

2. People at airports are generally overweight. I am currently seeing a lot of khaki/twill cropped pants, Crocs, and other orthopedic sandals. Where did this term "jet set" come from anyway?

I bought a $4.30 copy of Glamour that I will be enjoying en route to Denver, where I will have a two-hour layover. I will probably update, because spotty Internet will ensue therein.