Monday, September 7, 2009

Prepping for MIA

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm leaving on a flight to Minnesota. H pretty much forced me to go, but it's not that I'm unwilling. I need to get out of my ugly rut that I've easily dug and been nesting in for a few months.

I have to admit, moving back to Minnesota has been a very sexy idea lately. No heat, familiarity, family, belonging. I toyed with asking H to consider it, but he's unfoundedly certain that he would die in winter.

I'm hoping to go running on old terrain, take pictures, see my brother play varsity football, go shopping with mom, stay up late talking with dad, wrestle some pups....and just think.

My mercury is in retrograde (Yes, because I have no control over my life right now, I've resorted to astrology to help me make sense of it all) which means that everything is being painstakingly postponed. REALLY!?!?! I COULDN'T TELL! So I guess it doesn't hurt to lay low for awhile.

Hoping to come back to better pastures....

Know I will miss this guy (yes, he is wearing mascara, which he allowed me to apply).