Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's taken me 15 minutes to get to this blogging point on my parents' dial-up computer connection, so I'm going to make this brief.

So far, I've spent a day with Evin in her new home which I envy, especially architecturally. How does she find 'em? Minneapolis, upon arrival, felt like bliss. Everything was green, neat and a different kind of gorgeous. Tons of flowers.

1. Met Evin's bff Emma. Went to Pizza Luce.
2. Woke up next day, went for run, lunch at Panera, Evin's errands, Electric Fetus, drop Evin off at school.
3. Order transcripts, hang out until Mom shows up.
4. Anthropologie offers me job (!).

Now that I'm "home" in rural land, I'm feeling totally relaxed. Months of housing the beast of anxiety have melted away, and I truly feel like, as Jennifer says, "reset". So true.

Since I've been home:
1. Karl took me to ride in his truck (Oh yeah, he listens to country now).
2. Found my dad's mom's diary from 1942-1943. Got some serious insight.
3. The cat my parents' took in from my aunt & uncle's house (cat wasn't jiving with the others) finally came out of the basement after 4 weeks. Won't leave me alone. Heheh.

Today, my mom wants me to guest co-host her radio show. I'm trying to think of some funny things to say. Maybe reality will cut it.


MacKenzie said...

Isn't MN great? People who have never been there will never understand. Sad.