Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I tried...

So if you read the previous posting, yesterday I was gonna try to live life a little more maxed...and yes, I still worried about jobs...and I suck because of that. I just can't cut it out...but I was happier.

-Woke up and went to the gym at 9. Enjoyed gym. Mediocre-good workout.
-Went to HEB to get veggies for falafel for lunch, card for mom's promotion.
-Cleaned up & got cute right away. 
-Listened to records, cleaned, cooked an AWESOME lunch.
-H and I had a moment dancing to "Just Like Starting Over".
-Took H to work.
-Went to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lakeline Learning Center, and Grainger looking for spray chalk. No luck. Lots of sweat (literally).
-Perused Hallmark store, misted up a few times, join Hallmark card club, ask for application.
-Went home, bought spray chalk online.
-Watched 20 mns of 500 Days of Summer interviews, etc.
-Cut out Kashless stencil for freelance marketing gig.
-Text Jennifer, decide we need drink.
-Go to Cissi's Wine Bar. Have fun.
-Give Jennifer card/CD combo. Thanks accidental Hallmark trip.
-Speak French with waiter, get application/help.
-Get tickets for Dusty Springfield movie.
-Go home and de-sweat.
-Pick up H/H changes in car.
-See Dusty movie. Share mini-Greek pizza.
-Putz around & have fun.
-Go to sleep at 1:15.

What do I think of that?
Below: old picture of me when I felt super happy. Not because I was eating meat.
The clip. I think they're so charming.