Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take Two, and this is sounding more like a journal.

-Waking up later, going to the gym again. Tons of weights. Sore today. Love being sore. 

-Back to house, get dressed. H depressed because his mecanico never showed up.
-We get in a fight about something stupid (sigh).
-Make salad/PB sandwich for our respective lunches.
-Drop H off at work.
-Get Neutrogena facial cleanser at Target which will not cause my eyes to burn like Alba's Pineapple cleanser. Do not buy.
-En route to coffee shop, Horacio calls and I have his paperwork in my car. Go back to his work. He gives me some money to by expensive HP ink (yes!).
-Go to Tassa Fresca, order a wound-up iced latte, drank only an inch of it and was jittery and anxious.
-For 3 hours, take care of biz. Biz for marketing job, write from-scratch cover letters.
-Feel exhausted. Jittery (still). Take shower.
-Finish sewing cardigan. Style outfit to wear to pick up Horacio. Hehe.
-Go to Target again to buy jump drive.
-Pick up H, he craves McD's. Eat nuggets & fries.
-Go home and bed early.



A pic of my one year ago today. Ewie! Heheh...