Sunday, August 16, 2009

A breath of ...Summer? Hehe.

A $8 escape from my recently "stressful life" is going to the movies. After years of not being able to sit still (or maybe just not watching the right films), I've grown to look forward to it (plus, it's air-conditioned). My friend Jennifer invited me to see "500 Days of Summer" today. It features my "favorite" actress, although I have to admit, I think she's just the actress with whom I would love to share a closet. At any rate, she's cute (Zooey Deschanel):
The plot was a twist from a love story, in that the main character got screwed until like 10 seconds before the credits...haha. I totally thought he was me as a guy.

I've been thinking about this film all evening, because it made me think about myself in my right-now (It must be good then?)... It took me to that time when you are first meeting the boy/girl you are interested in dating. You may be examining the way you appear to someone else, wanting to seem more interesting/interested, more full of life, and how you want someone else to see you...the best version of yourself. The person you would like. In new love, you sort of "create" yourself for that person...and although it may fade, it's opportunity.

I guess I want to try this week to be the person I would love to be friends with.