Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MAJOR UPDATE! Quelle neglegiante!


Hello, hello! This is going to be more tender-hearted than usual, so be conscious of that.
After a slight, inadvertent nudge from my friend Amanda, why yes! I do have a blog! Hehe. I just updated my other blog that my rationale for neglect is because my life has been on a teeter-totter of of enlightenment and shambles. I don't know about you, reader, but the whole enlightenment-shambles dichotomy is usually pretty stressful.

I had the time, the means, and the perspective of that awesome question, "Who am I in relationship to the world, and what do I want out of this life experience?" (Heavy).

Oddly enough, in the midst of my expenditure of my precious energy, applying to jobs that trickle down the hierarchy of want...I realized that what I want is what I had always feared.


WANT-Full time teaching job. Benefits. Security. MONEY.
FEAR-Having to mish-mash jobs that made me feel less valuable as a human being. Well, NO MONEY.


WANT-Job that makes me happy. Not stressed. Natural. Matched with my TRUE gifts, not learned ones that I play really well.
FEAR: Being stuck on a track.

So what am I doing anyway? Well...nothing's been confirmed, but it should all be by next week. Please stay tuned.

Also, with this "enlightenment" part of the deal, I have had an exodus of my semi-self resentment in the past and an outburst of creativity, including making youtube videos. Why not?