Friday, May 22, 2009

The Young and the Restless

Yep. That's me. It seems like the end of this journey of Teach For America, the end of the school year, and the excitement leading toward the big move is simply taking forever.

And what's making things worse: Each day, it seems like one more fun site is blocked daily, leaving the things I used to look forward to in my off time so very depleted.

I used to upload pictures and post blogs during my lunch break (anything wrong with that?) Now I can't. Booo. Thus my blog looks like crap. Not that anyone reads it. But still. I suppose it would be more entertaining to me if I had pictures...BUT...well, we just went over that.

Today I just feel really up-in-the-air. 8 days of school left, but I'm already checked out. Waiting for 7th period so I can get some answers from a student to move forward with a project...waiting to hand out yearbooks, waiting to hear from the job, waiting to get out an run (and see the sun)....and OH YEAH...waiting to get ready for PROM tonight.

Yeah, this night's the second prom I've been at (2/2 since I've been here). H wanted to go, which was super nice. Part of me feels like he just wants to make up for last year...I could have passed, but I honestly DO look forward to sharing those cliché, yet still powerful, high school memories. I will for sure try to post these pictures (for myself...ha).

Also, I've been reading a lot of fitness and weight loss blogs which makes me motivated. So that's cool.

Bye bye.


merveilleuse said...

i'm reading. xx

Stylish Intellect said...

me too!

syl said...

thank you for your very sweet comment, you made my day!

Aberdeen said...

hahaha! I swear I wasn't doing that for attention. Haha.

Gloss Photography said...

I came across our post today and i love it! Hope you have fun at the Prom =)

Nancy The Makeup Artist