Saturday, August 22, 2009

Un autre soiree au cine!

Friday. Felt like a weekend day.

-Oatmeal for breakfast. Realize we have "no food." H says we still have lots of stuff, and that we could make picadillo. Oh, sorry I didn't think of picadillo. How foolish...
-Go to the store, decide to check mail, although it hasn't been coming until, like, 5:30 recently. 
-Wash car. Carwash on corner. I attract stupid panhandlers (as usual). Contemplate whether I look wealthy and stupid.
-Do errands. Love shopping for household items.
-Come home and clean, clean, clean. Don't mind it.
-Meet Jennifer to see Julie and Julia at the Drafthouse on S. Lamar. Have glass of pinot grigio, since I might be working at a wine bar, so I act like it.
-Go to Jennifer's apartment and really love it there. Go home feeling really happy. Really happy. :)

Mini-review: The thing that's funny about J&J is that both of these actresses had to make themselves moderately unattractive for the roles (the Julia Child role? Dead-on.). I am used to seeing Meryl Streep as a hottie, and I think of Amy Adams forever as the princess in that semi-animated movie). Number 2: weren't they both co-starring in that movie Doubt? That one didn't look like a winner, but I guess the cast must have been re-doable?

Anyway, Julie Powell (A.A.) is this little weenie who feels like a loser because she works for the government instead of writing. Her husband suggests blogging and she decides to cook her way through the Joy of Cooking. Good idea for a plot. I was going along with it. She does it, eventually becomes famous and gets book deals. Yay!

The film keeps bouncing back to the life of Julia Child, which I sorta felt sucked because I thought her voice was annoying and I was more hooked in the Julie half. I dunno. I liked the Paris aspect, bien sur...but whatever.

The theme of this movie is that you can always reinvent yourself and move forward with a passion, even when times seem bleak, which I guess is a VERY poignant point to be made. Hmmm...I shall be in thought about this. What can I do...?

I was most in love with the idea of starting a new project...but I already have 343,234,345 projects. Hmmm...