Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to ....not fer me.

Today is the day that everyone at BISD is going back to school, and I'm here, at a coffeeshop, trying to make my life seem scheduled. Besides Facebook throwing "OoOooO I"M SO EXCITED THAT I MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES' LIVES (and you don't!)" statuses, I've received e-mails from my former English department, and text messages from Beatriz, my former Frito-Lay delivery woman (when I sold chips=fundraiser).

Do you know why I miss that? It was comfortable. Well, more than that. I had a salary. I was around 50% really cool individuals (the other half being either challenges or neutral shy-types that I never really got to know), and I felt that I was, in fact, making a difference.

Yes, I crave all of those things right now. Especially comfort. What I wouldn't give right now, just to meet my dad for lunch, take a walk in our forests, or even run errands for my mom.

I need to acknowledge that this is a very archetypical case of "grass is greener..." but everyone knows that all the grass in Austin is dead, and has been since we moved (in our yard, anyway). I've felt more "like myself" (whatever that means) and creative than I have in 2 years. And I love fall. It's coming. Fall's are always good to me. So let the broken record, titled "patience", keep skipping...

I feel better after typing that.


I start my orientation for art this week. I'm really excited about it. I'm supposed to hear back about more things, too. 

So that's a little update on everything inside and out, so I'll be back to the frivolous in no time flat.

P.S. After reading my haps for last week, I guess I can see myself as an interesting person. Nothing can take that away ;)

Trying out recipes this week...and new foods. Here are 2 pics from this week's meals.

Below: Pic from cry day. Eating some queso fresco enchiladas that H made me.

Below: Bucked up, eating some Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, and mashed Ps.