Monday, August 24, 2009

Le p'tit to-do:

September (Oh yes, soon) To-Do List. Gonna make Mondays LIST days...

(side note: I love lists. Not only are they graphically interesting and quick-to-read, but they are emotionally therapeutic to write. Yes, you may feel stressed out by what lies ahead, but you will have it out. Pen (or keypad)-driven catharsis.)

  1. Look into what it might take to become an extra-certified elementary art teacher.
  2. Bone up on graduate school needs. Maybe we can do that. I love to learn. 
  3. Look for houses and get one! (Need to move again Sept. 30).
  4. Strengthen my 'net worth: put more things on Ebay. Buff up my Youtube.
  5. Write Christmas list for the handmade items and plan.
  6. Bring jewelry line to Parts & Labor.
Below: My "favorite" actress, AKA the one that I want her clothes is doing a COTTON commercial? Wasn't Aaron Neville doing that a few years ago with his weird voice? I can't help but be a little skeptical about this move...does she really feel passionate about the cotton, or is she just looking to be more of a cash crop herself? Anyway, lemme know what you think:

More of her looks below. I think I have her look down to a science (sorry to leech the magic), but it's all about textured/colored tights, doll hair, doll dresses, and a bow. Love it.



MacKenzie said...

I think the commercial and song is lame and a poor decision. She is super cute though. You have so many blogs I haven't read! I need to catch up! Will you even see this comment?!

Aberdeen said...

Yeah. I agree. I am very interested in your comments! MUAH!