Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thurs (behind) 4/5

-H has day off. Instead of waking up early to get my suspension fixed, we sleep in and it's awesome.
-H picks up car from tranny ("transmission," not "transgendered") place and they ultimately fixed his problem by putting fluid in his shifting resevoir. Save $1200.
-Lunch at Thai place. Pad See Nee. Spring rolls. Stuffed.
-H takes me to Cissi's, oh, you happen to be hiring? Oh, you wanna interview me right now? Oh, you love me? Color me delighted.
-Call Scarlett. Plan bingo night.
-Lay on couch exhausted watching Oprah. H fixed my side mirror with replacement that came FedEx.
-I also receive spray chalk for my marketing project. Yessss. UPS & FedEx in one day. Christmas.
-H goes with Danny to punk rock show (?).
-I go out with Scarlett to play bingo at B-12. It's BYOB. We play 5 games, can barely keep up, and are disappointed that the place is smokey and not kitschy at all...
-Go home, H is locked out drinking beers on the porch.