Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"The Makers"

Maker. "The Makers"

Today's inspiration is a bridge to renewed perspective...me as a "maker". I feel at my best when I'm making something. Something to share, bring a smile, connect without words.

A book that comes out in October, "Brooklyn Makers" by Jennifer Causey, shares the lives, dreams, and crafts of artists, architects, designers in (duh) Brooklyn. I've been to Brooklyn once, and I can say that I could totally feel the energy & creative spark that all of these artists seem to agree upon.

However, I feel a little voice inside my heart saying "You could totally do something just as awesome or better" (the voice verges on hater-ish). But that's the thing: COULD DO and ARE DOING are worlds apart. And people who just "can do" just might as well shut up about it. Right? Maybe.

I feel that if we "can do" something, it's a promise to ourselves to express that ability.

Anyhow, this is painter Lily Stockman. I liked her quote "[The best part of working with your hands is] manifesting an idea into physical form. It's a basic human need. It also feels like an honest day's work."

Stockman in her Manhattan studio...LUCKY!
Now, what to "make" next?