Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Treats...droolz

I'd be lying if some of the best things about the holiday season weren't the smells and flavors. MMMM...peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin, cinnamon. Yumma, yumma, yumma! Even though I'm more or less always trying to eat my most healthiest 24/7, I definitely love these things around the holidays as seasonal indulgences:

BTW, did you know that cinnamon trees are native to South Asia? Who knew... or who cares? Anyway, here are my top treats:

1. Freaking almond bark. So melty, so rare other times of year!
2. Overpriced peppermint mochas (the skinny kind, I must say). The cup does it for me. I'm such a seasonal marketing sucker!

3. Lefse: Basically a potato tortilla. But let's be real. It's Norwegian awesomeness! I'm gonna try and make this a lot this year. It's become rather clear that my "oh so normal" upbringing is rare down here in the Texereagions.


4. And krumkake (pronounced "Kroom-kah-kah!". I need one of these irons! How totally awesome!

What are your favorite holiday treats that do you in just a little bit?


Liesl said...

I am such a seasonal marketing sucker too! I was just telling my sister how excited I get when they have the red holiday cups at fun and I too love their skinny holiday drinks too! Can't believe the holidays are here!

Liesl :)