Sunday, September 4, 2011


Updating. And I SWEAR I'm gonna get better at this. I STILL need to write about Brooklyn, and It's already September anyhows.

I think I'm going to do another real honest post. Because it's 10:50 pm and I'm having tea.

So it's been a few weeks since I've been back from MN (7 weeks, actually). I've met so many good, genuine, inspirational people at my new school. I already feel like I'm more deeply-rooted and belong where I am now. It's a peculiar feeling, you know, to not have any sense of anxiety when I step into work (for me, at least). To know that you will be treated with respect by your boss (and truly admire him, too!). I almost feel like it's unheard of. You know, to have what you want.

Truly, I'm happier now than I've ever, ever been in my adult life. If you've been following this blog since I was 23 (Eee!), you may be able to see my pattern of being unable to be at peace in any given situation. I would always be rushing through things, being efficient, but for what? I'm realizing that life is all the stuff. Not just the reward at the end of whatever task. This sounds like a John Lennon lyric, but I swear I've discovered this sentiment in my own right.

Anyway, I'm constantly busy. I work so hard outside of the classroom (not in it). But life is all these things. Every footstep, every swallow, every blink...beat. And yes--I have been making breakthroughs with my life as an anxiety game show host. Peace is the byproduct.

I feel like every student I have is precious. I connect with them more. They just rule. I'm so glad I didn't give up teaching. I'm happy. I mean I'm still living in reality, and it's not perfect, but I feel like all is well and what a journey it has been in Austin.

By the way, I'm not dying. Haha..I sound too dramatic here. But I feel like I have to say it. Because I sure did enough grumbling up until this point.

Here's me tonight (before my date with H) looking pretty spry:


And me last Thursday night, a lil' dead from work.

Hope all is well my loves. Be seeing you soon XO


Missy said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling at peace with your new position (school...I can't quite remember). I think this is going to be a fantastic year for you!

merveilleuse said...

All true words. Love you!

Jed and Leanna said...

Loved reading this! I needed to hear all those words! Miss you!