Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weird Week...& blurry outfit of the day

It seemed like everyone is in the pits right now, or at least was until last night. Everyone at my work seemed glum & overwhelmed, my brother and sister were job-hunting this week, and it was just a tough one. Even the cashier at Whole Foods said "Eh, I'm OK", when we asked her how she was doing. At least she was honest!

I went out with an awesome teacher from my school, LZ, and It was so special, heartwarming, and energizing. I think I've turned a corner in my own blues (no reason to go into deatils)...

On Thursday, H & I went out for an early dinner and here was my outfit (blurry)!

Striped top: Target, $10
Yellow flowy top: $13 (pre-owned)
Citizens of Humanity jeans: $12 (pre-owned)
Shoes, Anthropologie: $150 (my love splurge)



Here's to sunnier days, smiles, and goodness!


Joe's blog said... have a very, very pretty and fotogenic face. Great outfit. Wonderful eye makeup. I love the yellow top.

Missy said...

Hope your days are getting sunnier! Cute, cute outfi!