Wednesday, January 26, 2011

199th post!

I think tomorrow I'm going to post a giveaway post. The odds are going to be fairly good; although I only have 22 followers, I seem to have about 50 views a day according to my lil' tracker.

Today I'm going to talk about budgets. And money. And saving. And how I am so freaking sick of hearing about all of them!

1.The city of Austin is facing huge defecits concerning education. CUTS. (Another crappy word).
2. President Obama is talking about how we can balance our budget and get more jobs, because 1there are still so many people unemployed.


3. I just purchased a sweet car that I needed--but, now I have to watch my own budget. (I have no fluff money until Monday...HA!)

4. I am prone to weight gain, so I am always watching my food budget. Watching the timer on the treadmill and watching the time so I get enough sleep.

Everything is...RESTRICTED right now. Everywhere.

How can education not be everyone's top priority? What message is the country sending the kids when people who "did the right thing" and got a degree can lose their jobs?

A bleak post, yes, but something that is on my mind today.
Were you/are you affected by the recession? Are you still feeling it today?


merveilleuse said...

So messed up. I hear you.

Also, I think you could definitely pull off daily headbands! I like them too but I also end up looking like a 12 year old!

Mel said...

Oh Aberdeen. I hear you. I'm never getting a teaching gig at this rate. :( Anyway, new car? That's exciting! At least your lack of fluff money is because you got a car and not cause, say... you paid for... hookers? Hookers who are beyond your means.

I don't know why that was the example I went to.

Anyway, weight gain is a bitch. :(

Aberdeen said...

Thanks gals for your feedback on my "real" post...I'm feeling better today, which is good.

@Betty--I know what you mean; but I think the headbands could be balanced out with something really adult like heeled boots or something!

@Mel--you know my story about the quest for the teaching job & about my fitness. You will totally get a job. I know it! I'm glad that you're back at MMS. And luckily, I never really gain weight...just something I have to be conscious of. (No hookers! Ha!)