Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's 11:00 on a Saturday night. I just got home from some friends' house & we had an awesome time crafting, watching a few Seinfeld episodes & eating their Thanksgiving leftovers. My belly is so strained. I feel like I will never again feel "light" or "thin" in my life! I didn't even eat that much; I think the qualities of Thanksgiving food are sheerly painful!

Other than that, today I took my kitties to the vet. I suspected one has some ringworm which she has kindly passed along to my hand. Tomorrow we will have to bathe her (I'm scared).

Wow. Sweet life. Big belly and ringworm!

Seriously. This break needs to be longer. I have to do school work tomorrow.

For you: my Thanksgiving photo.

1 year ago and this year:

My face is getting more and more angular as time passes (note: chin)

Blurry, I know. Very cute, yet boring to me now:

Also, does anyone have any tips on how to get into meditation? I mean, it seems simple enough. I'm not dense, but I would like some pointers. Thinking of trying it...


MacKenzie said...

Cute Thanksgiving picture! I love the braids!

Debb said...

I have been a meditator for a while now and I offer some basics that helped me..

1. Do some physical yoga asanas first (basic stretching like seated forward bends, side bends) maybe a couple of sun salutations. It will help to relax your body for sitting and calm the mind a bit.

2. Concentrate on the breath in and the breath out... slowly...(not necessarily a deep breath, but a long natural breath) Allow yourself to feel light and featherlike.

3. The pause that happens between the in breath and the out breath - that state of "nothingness" is the goal of mediation.. Just be in the NOW..

4. It is also a good idea to set a timer for 10 minutes (even 5 minutes) to begin with so it doesn't feel like forever.

I wish you peaceful meditations.

merveilleuse said...

YES meditation! We learned how to do it in high school. I use a mantra to get to sleep sometimes (although technically this is not the purpose of meditation). I know a little bit but I want to learn more. Focus on the breath, as Debb said. My teacher suggested always bringing yourself back to the moment... your mind will wander (a lot), and as soon as you notice it, guide yourself back into the moment. Let's talk...