Monday, November 1, 2010

Moving on...

I'm not gonna lie--I've been craving to be married and have a family. I'm sorta getting tired of my meaningless existence. My stomach turns when I am anywhere where there are tons of beer bottles, cigarette butts, and things that make me feel icky. I want a home. I want to cook for someone and get hugs and kisses. I want to buy things in miniatures. I feel like it's so outdated and anti-feminist to say that, but I do feel like I'm moving on.
I don't know why--totally out of the blue--but I felt like I needed to proclaim that.
Other than that, because I have such a friv life with petty worries, let's talk about another deep discussion: I love cigarette pants. I think this is the perfect silhouette for me, although I am short. C'est la vie!
Bangs are too blunt, but I think that's pretty good, eh?


Silver slivers: perfect for impending holiday cranberry stains, etc.



Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I think I know exactly what you are expressing in your post and feel the same way! Thanks for sharing...and I love your loves too!

Liesl :)