Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pre-b-day write up

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I have a lot of energy. I am sorta annoyed by being so giddy. I'm going to be 26! Why not spend the waning hours of my 25 year by bloggish updating?

So I have kinda been catching up on me. My perfectionism and neuroses of the new middle school life have been lightening up. The proof is lack of the Sunday night nerves and I've read for leisure twice this week (long intervals).

My parents will be visiting on Thursday for a 6-day duration. I am very excited to see them, since it's been 5 months. Actually, I've been missing my whole family. Sometimes I just take a step back from my somewhat self-centered teacher world and realize that I moved away and I don't even really care or feel the longing of home. But today I did. Especially for my sister because I realize I feel so much stronger in her company.

I've shamelessly been filling the void of having family around (including H, since he's toujours at travail) by treating myself with frivolous prizes like this nail polish:


* I have the peach, gold, and light green.

Anyway, I'm hoping today is peaceful and I will be meeting some girls (and boys) at this French Restaurant, Aquarelle, for happy hour.

And here are some recent update-like photos:

This is me driving in my car, and I liked this photo because that's my natural hair texture! (minus the smoothed bangs). Too bad all of this cuteness was marred by a run-in with a psychopath at Wal-Mart just a few minutes later...


I am one of those mean neighbors. I hate your loud parties at 3 am. I have had the worst neighbor luck, and YES! I did take a picture of your beer bottles perched on your air conditoner on the second story. DRINKING ON THE ROOF IS ASININE!


I really love these people. I have been with them in a lot of various situations lately, and they are very enjoyable. Rent them for your next party.


I really liked the back of this dress, and no one really gave a hoot. Since this is my blog, I will show it. YAY!


This is Mates of State. They were good. They did not look this blurry in real life, I promise you.


Lastly, this is my favorite stance. The slightly amused, yet slightly fed-up and disapproving demeanor. Are you scared?



Mel said...

I knew Mates of State were coming soon, and then I fell off the wagon and never checked back for tickets.

I love Mates of State so much. Out of 1683 different artists/bands, they are my #5 most listened to band. OMG. Don't believe me?


Haha, okay... anyway, can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

Missy said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day!!!

I love your natural hair. You are a lucky girl!