Sunday, May 9, 2010

In an attempt to ameliorate este blog situation...I am opting for higher-quality photos, as sneaked usage of bf's SLR is allowed...

I'm home alone today, which is not news in itself, but that it is also rainy and gloomy and I am feeling a little gross.

I spent a few unexpected moments staring at the walls and wondering how the hell things were arranged the way the were in the rooms. Part convenience--placed and arranged in the brief pockets of downtime in our janky-scheduled, disenfranchised lives (JK).

Below is one of my favorite vignettes in our home:


And another:


(are the photos better?)

I realized that our bedroom is just too small, and we've toyed around with the idea of moving (again), so we can acquire bedroom #2. I suppose this wouldn't be so much of a pressing endeavor, if our neighbors weren't birthed from a frat house in hell.

I also might get another cat tomorrow. Another, meaning "post-Emilio" and his mysterious disappearance, June 2009. I love cats. His name is "Tigger" he's 5, looks like a wildcat, and is relentlessly affectionate (A trait I admire in any cat--or human, for that matter).

I also bought some sunglasses this weekend at Free People, among other things on my shopping spree (want me to share? Let me know).

These glasses are not overly retro, but give me an air of being awesome:


By far, the highlight of my weekend was hanging with Cathleen. I am becoming increasingly confident that we will become very good friends over time.

As for tonight, I am going to forget that I am undergoing stress-belly, fizzing, etc. I have an interview on Tuesday. And you thought I was done talking about interviews....HA!