Friday, February 5, 2010

And a-Friday....

Looking at my sunny Monday post makes me feel like a naive twit at this point.

Overbearing negatives:

Since then, I had the worst Monday. Someone in my first period said my voice was SO annoying, another made fun of my clothes, a student on Tues asked whether I was pregnant(?), someone accidentally dropped a tall, metal stool on my foot & I had to get an ice pack from the nurse....and I am set to have worked 53 hours by tomorrow, I haven't seen H awake since Sunday, and today I got a cold.

Oh, and I still haven't gotten my blog layout decided and it looks ugly.

Overlooked positives:
A lot of people at my school DO like me, my parents are visiting next week, I actually have spending money, I will probably get a tax return pretty quickly, we have groceries, my car is working well, and...I'm never bored?

Pix of projects still coming...haven't had time :(


MacKenzie said...

Yikes. Kids can be so cruel. I find that red wine helps. Are you permanently teaching at a school or subbing?

Aberdeen said...

Thanks for the tips :) Despite them, I'm feeling better than ever! You can tell by their misbehavior that yes, I am still subbing (full-time w/a middle school) You better believe if it was MY classroom, things would be a little different...I am pretty strict, believe it or not! XO