Sunday, September 20, 2009

Le Weekend!

Today, I'm blogging quickly before I go work at a birthday party (art stuff!) so that tonight I can focus on starting some sort of sewing project that will be directed as a Christmas present for my mom. Too early? If you live a jumbled life, then NO. I'm already behind.

I feel that with working a couple of part-time jobs, I have these precious blocks of time that I can maximize, instead of just puttering around all day on a day off. My brain tells me it's a little inconvenient, but I know I can get more done. When I get more things done, I'm happy.


P.S. One bad side effect of working: Job replaces gym time. Must remedy this ASAP.

My favorite drawing from yesterday...This guy looks super sad!
The little artistes!
H doing his thang with his new toy.