Thursday, September 3, 2009


My good friend, former "camarade de classe de francais", and former roommate came to visit me this week. I have grown to appreciate the word "friend" and what that actually entails, and that true friends are somewhat rare and definitely precious.


We had an excellent time sightseeing, shopping (i.e. me trying not to spend money...FAILLLL), and eating out (which included tangy Lebanese, to-die-for pizza, and of course Taco Cabana).

It was such a splendid time, and I was reflecting here @ The Int'l Church of Quacks (emotional/mental written catharses at a local coffeeshop named "Quacks") and all I could think of was, wow. I had so much fun!

So, what is a friend?

What a friend means (a few):

1. Inspires you/draws you somewhere new.
2. Cares for your well-being, listens to your crap. Responds to your qualms/musings intelligently (to prove they were actually listening).
3. Will travel to visit you.
4. You would trust them with something like e-mail passwords or other Top Secret info if necessary (even if it means you would change your password right afterward because you're anal). This has never happened to me, but I am already prepared.
5. You enjoy both eventful and incredibly boring times together.
6. You are not worried about crying in front of them, because you know they love you.

What a friend does not necessarily mean:

1. You like the same type of clothes, music, food, books, movies (although commonalities help).
2. They may do things/say things you would never do/say in your life. (But you may admire them for these things).

Do you agree? Adds/Subtracts?