Saturday, November 29, 2008

END of NovEMber...

I haven't really written awhile because I've been busy with a lot of things (little and small). I sort of made a little deal with myself to spend time off the computer. Then exciting stuff happens, and I don't blog about that's kinda counterintuitive. 

Today I've been pushing an application to teach at Austin ISD (Austin, TX, mind you)...I am trying to take a step back at my life and see it through fresh eyes. 

"Who am I, what am I doing, and why does it matter?"

I want a change, but I need a ticket to do hence, I look for the job. I'm shuffling around in these striped socks which, although are heinously too warm for TX, remind me of home...where I would be needing them...and an American Apparel minidress to balance it out. According to my widget, it's 80 degrees.


Just sick.

I still have a mom haircut. 

So changes, changes. 

Right now, I'm going to make a popcorn garland for my new Christmas tree and get festive before I revise this resume (again).

Au revoir et bonne chance a moi!