Friday, July 6, 2012

Boogie Back to Texas

It's almost midnight in Ardmore, OK...I drove 12-13 hours today from Minnesota, and I'm almost back to Texas.

I truly had a great two weeks with my family, but last night was even more special. My uncle gave me a wedding present of many, many photos of my dad & other family photos from the past. I spent hours (ok, maybe 2 hours) poring over them. I don't know what lures me into old photos & inspires me.

After looking at them, I felt so peaceful & happy. My dad is such an awesome person! I'm so grateful for this meaningful gift! I would love to display all of them...but really? Haha. Here are some sweet pics of my dad:
My dapper/mobster dad, age 9?
Cutest picture ever of my dad and his fishing pole!
Ah well! Nighty night! See you soon!