Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend and Wins & Losses

Day off & sublime facial
Drab & exhausting job fair (wanting to transfer!)

OK, so my wins & losses are pretty slim, but I've already forgotten any measily points of last week. I just remember being exhausted & waiting to hear back from the house we applied to. I never remember it taking this long to hear back! What the heck?

This weekend I had pizza with a bunch of former co-workers from Anthro, donated blood, exercised a bunch, went grocery shopping, cleaned, and went to H's co-workers cool treehouse-house for a pizza party. It was great fun!

Today's Lunch:
My role model for this week (and life!):


My favorite top at the moment:
This week I'm looking forward to hearing about the house (duh), meeting with our potential wedding photographer, and not working Thurs or Fri (Yearbook conference & heading to Brownsville for Vivi's 1 year birthday)

I hope everyone is having a good one :)


Missy said...

Ah, a facial sounds wonderful and your lunch looks fantastic! Sounds like a great week. Hope this week is even better!