Thursday, November 18, 2010


The world of slumber is where I want to be. Sugarplum fairies welcome & the Sandman, too.

It's been like one week straight at Six Flags, or any other large-scale amusement park. Twists and turns, excitement (ups and downs) and sensory overload!

I have the bed of my dreams, and what to accompany me? Surely not any ratty sweatpants and cut-up T-shirts!

I've seen a lot of robes lately. I have one with poodles! But the robes on my radar need to be presented as daywear--far too gorgeous (besides, your eyes are CLOSED when you're sleeping!).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make robes cute for DAY?
(above: Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom...not that I have anything from either retailer)
(above: Lilla from my old lover, Anthropologie)

*The Gilligan O'Malley line at Target has some STUNNING robes right now. However, they're not all on the website. Stroll by to see what I mean...