Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary, etc! (superlong)

This weekend was our 3-year anniversary together. It was a splendid celebration, especially just to be in one another's company, since that has become a treat in itself. We hung out all day piecing together the final details of our Halloween costumes and then went for dinner at Aquarelle again! Yes! He took me back for a tres cher meal. Here are a few pre-dinner pix taken on my wonky laptop cam:





I hope you enjoyed that ridiculous video of my baby talk!

I am super excited for a really good week, and I hope that I don't look back on this post and want to barf at my optimism, like I have in the past!

Here are some things I am really into right now:

1. Cleaning and housework. Hey, why not? It makes you feel good.
2. Polishing my nails.
3. Thinking about eating fresh (again).
4. Sending letters.
5. Being thankful. I read some little quote that said something like "All is well with an attitude of gratitude." What a sharp little saying.
6. Reading. Evin got me "Eat Pray Love" and I am really liking this late bandwagon piece!

I just found out through a youtuber that I'm subscribed to that they have a jewelry line! I like these little charms:


The heart one looks a little hokey, but very charming in "person" featured in the video I'd mentioned:

I love her accent, and the concept of "daily jewelry" is foreign to me, but I thought it was a frivolously intriguing today!

Be back soon!


Mel said...

Haha, you weren't kidding when you said we had the same goals! :) Congrats on 3 years!

Missy said...

Happiest anniversary!!! You two are gorgeous together!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! You are both so cute together, and I loved the video!

Liesl :)

Aberdeen said...

thanks for all the loverly comments :)